Based on our many years of experience in international business and the feasibility of projects, and also aware of the business impact of our many professional contacts in the European market, we decided to create our company TectraConsulting GmbH. 
The TectraConsulting GmbH is dedicated to its innovative concept, commercialization of innovative green products and systems solutions for agriculture, veterinary, environmental protection and industrial production. 
In this context, we sell not only our own products or the products and technologies on which we have exclusive rights on regional or global markets, but also other products and solutions that solve the problems of our customers. 
With TectraConsulting GmbH our customers benefit directly from our years of experience and guarantee to get the best possible solution in the German market. 
We export preferably towards our target markets, located in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries, but at the same time, we are also active in other markets of the EU and other regions, according to market opportunities. 
In our target countries, we encourage cooperation with specialized local companies.

Since the middle of 2016 we have also been dedicated to the supply of spare parts for industrial equipment and machinery, related to mining prospecting, factories, refineries, food industry, security technologies and agriculture. Depending on your specific needs, we are able to guarantee the long-term supply of spare parts at competitive prices.

In this field we cooperate with several renowned companies, among which we highlight Siemens, Eckardt, Infratec, Netzsch and other well-known manufacturers.

We are here to improve your business. Contact us and also get not only benefits, but also the quality and potential of the German market.

For further information please contact us by phone +49 30 99005187 or by e-mail: